How to Move Content from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

How to Move Content from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

So do you want to know how to transfer content from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 ? If yes then you are at correct place.

Just enter your email id and password, That’s how easy it is to move content from a Android to another Android phone. But when it comes to transferring content like photos, videos, calendar data, contacts, etc,. from one platform to another, lets say from Android to iPhone or vise versa we face a little trouble or generally we have questions in our mind regarding the process or which app to download. So, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, here in this post I am going to explain you step by step process of transferring content from a iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8. 

1. With Samsung Smart Switch

It is an amazing app to transfer your content wirelessly  from any cloud based devices. Hence can be used to easily transfer your data like contacts, messages, music, videos etc., from your iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8. Here is the step by step process.

how to move content from iphone to galaxy s8

Step 1. Download and install Samsung Smart Switch on both the phones. Then first open the app on your iPhone and tap on the option “import from cloud”

Step 2. Log in to your iCloud account or create a new one if you don’t have one and then select the content type you want to transfer like pictures, videos, contacts etc,. and then tap on import.

Step 3. Wait…. Wait.. & Wait.. wait for all the data to get uploaded to iCloud, It totally depends upon your internet speed, so make sure you have a stable internet connection

Step 4. Now its time to install Samsung Smart Switch on your Galaxy S8 and download all the data from your iCloud account. You are done.!


 With MobileTrans Phone to Phone software

If you don’t have a proper internet connection or let’s say you just want to save your FUP. Than the best solution to this problem is transferring from directly from your iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 via a desktop application. One of such software is MobileTrans, It is best and effective software to transfer data from one mobile to another. Basically this software acts as a bridge and let you transfer all your data directly from one mobile to another. It supports all the major like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.  Copying data with the help of this software requires to perform only 4 steps.


Step 1. Depending upon your operating system i.e Windows or MAC download latest version of MobileTrans and install the software on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8 to computer using USB data cable ( you can also connect your phone to same wifi network, but we recommend using data cables to avoid any interruptions.)

Step 3. Click on ” Phone to Phone” transfer option in main menu screen. Than select the type of content you want to move like contacts, messages, photos, etc,. Make sure to check that your source phone is iPhone and  destination phone is Samsung Galaxy S8 if not click on “Flip” button.

Step 4. Grab some Popcorn, And hit the “Transfer” button. Wait for a while and BOOM! all your data is transferred now.!

So, let us know in comments how was your experience transferring data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8.   

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